Artemis Cold Brew Review

By Shin Yiing Lee

Photo copyrights to Shin Lee

As third-wave coffee culture took over franchised coffee joints, many new-fangled and traditional methods of coffee brewing surfaced. The art of timing, precision, aesthetic and taste come together with the drink in a cup of third-wave flat white or hand poured filter coffee. Cold brew coffee comes part and parcel with the coffee scene, and can be found in many independent coffee shops across the globe. It is a coffee brewing method that requires a measured amount of coffee grind to be soaked in room temperature water for between 16 to 36 hours. This can be served by adding water or milk to taste, or having it over ice.

Artemis Cold Brew creators had the aim of keeping the body, flavour, and quality of a cold brew coffee within the bottle, and with a prolonged shelf life at that. Most bottled cold brew coffees served in cafes last just around a month or less. These handy bottles can be conveniently stored away for an emergency caffeine fix or a random craving for a cuppa at home. Branded with a star from the 2016 Great Taste Awards, Artemis Brew could be the next big thing out of Yorkshire to hit mainstream markets.

Upon twisting open the lid, the aroma isn’t as strong as when a pot of filter coffee is being brewed, but it’s gentle scent takes you into an imaginary coffee shop. With just a sip of the chilled coffee, strong chocolate and toffee notes can be tasted. It seems that even after storing the cold brew for over a month upon receiving it, the flavours have not escaped but are safely embodied within the russet liquid. It has a good balance between bitterness and sourness, without having the overpowering end of one flavour causing you to wince. An all around enjoyable drink, but best for the warmer days.

Some may prefer their cold brews a little more diluted and of a visibly lighter shade as Sandows Coffee or 200 Degrees Coffee makes theirs. However that also depends on what origin or blend is being used for the brew, and what concentration best suits the flavour. Artemis’ bodied cold brew is worth a shot at trying, and can definitely be compared with some of Melbourne’s hipster coffee shops’ more snobbish cold brews.

The only thing that can be nitpicked at about Artemis Cold Brew is the design of the label. It’s slightly overcrowded with an old fashion font which could definitely be cleaned up to be more attractive. With the trident as their brand identity which I do believe is a great idea to incorporate into the label design, the graphics could be improved for saleability.

The single origin Ethiopian brew comes in a 250ml bottle, and can be ordered online via the Artemis Brew website at £8.95 for a bundled pair. Most cold brew coffees found in London can range between £5 to £7.50, so the humble Artemis Cold Brew can be deemed to be worth its price.


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