Introduction / About Me

Hi there! I’m Shin Yiing, a BA Journalism student in Leeds Beckett University, hailing from Malaysia.

When I was a toddler I wanted to be a hairdresser, then a psychologist when I was a teen. Moving on, I briefly wanted to do advertising while I attended college, but that didn’t work out. So here I am, realising that I’m better at writing than Photoshop! I’ve always had an unspoken fascination for magazines, prints, published works, and an interest in the idea of using words to paint pictures in a reader’s mind.

I now have a heart for written pieces or video interviews that uncover a person’s life story, as I believe that everyone has a story waiting to be told, which could incidentally change someone else’s life story (as in Great Big Story & Passion Portraits). I’m also greatly inspired to write about Malaysian culture along with Its blossoming local art and entrepreneurial scenes as, Masses.myKakiSeni and TimeOut KL have done.

My greater objective as a journalist however, is to write for a cause. A cause that can change lives, raise awareness, and bring justice to the helpless.  Remember that cliche saying – “actions speak louder than words”? In a journalist’s case, I believe that words have the power to push for action, and words have the ability to speak loudly too. (see

Hopefully by the end of my time in this degree, I will achieve these aspirations with the skills and knowledge gained from the course of my study.


View my CV here:

Journalism CV (1)


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